Case Studies: Corley From the Customer’s Point of View

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When it comes to picking out just the right service professional to work with you on your needs, whether it’s for plumbing, electrical, or heating and air conditioning, word of mouth is always going to be the gold standard.

When people talk to each other about businesses they’ve utilized for their home and family, they give their opinions without reservation. Corley encourages its customers to review us online and to speak with each other about our service. Our experience, know-how, and customer service ensure we stand out – but it’s our customers who truly make Corley shine.

The following reviews are real, left by customers who used our services and left us honest feedback about the experience. First up, Mason and Natalie G. are members of our Service Partner Plan, and were scheduled for their routine heating & air conditioning check. Twice-yearly maintenance checks are just one aspect of what the Service Partner Plan has to offer:

HONEST reviews about Corley Heating Air Electric and Plumbing in Greenville, SC!

Review from our Reviewbuzz page.

Next, we have Judy H. Judy is a member of our Service Partner Plan on the Platinum level, and so receives some extra benefits like a 15% discount on repairs and priority scheduling. Judy is one of our most valued customers, and we love that we make her feel a little more at ease in her own home, knowing that if she needs help, we’re there for her.

Review from our ReviewBuzz page.

Our final review is from Frank and Kathleen D. They received their routine maintenance check as part of their Service Partner Plan benefits, and met one of our apprentices. We train our apprentices both in the technical aspects they need to be effective service professionals and also emphasize the kind of friendly, helpful customer service we need to keep our customers happy for years to come.

Review from our Superpages listing.

Of course, these aren’t the only reviews! Both ReviewBuzz and Superpages have many reviews from our Service Partner Plan members and other customers. We love checking up on these honest reviews – both to hear from our happy customers and to look for what we can do to make our service even better. Interested in more information on the Service Partner Plan, or looking for a repair, installation, or maintenance check at your own home? We’d be happy to speak with you! Give us a call at (864) 661-2811 or contact us online today!