Common Winter Plumbing Problems & How To Avoid Them

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Temperatures are dropping around the Upstate, which means your home’s plumbing system may become suspectible to a variety of common plumbing issues that are caused by the colder months. As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of these potential issues and take matters into your own hands to prevent potentially serious home damage.

Hot Water System Failure

Cold winter days (and nights) take a toll on water heaters, but sometimes a quick fix can be as simple as checking your temperature gauge. Make sure to set your water heater temperature higher during the winter not exceeding 140 degrees.  If you are using a gas water heater, make sure your pilot light is on.

If your hot water is set at the correct temperature or below and you are still freezing in your shower, contact Corley Plumbing in Greenville SC  for water heater service, repair, or replacements.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes freezing is a common occurence during the colder months, due to the high water pressure from the main water line combined with below freezing temperatures. If you notice a change in water flow during the winter months it could be a sign of a frozen pipe. The most obvious giveway is restricted water flow.

If you suspect that your pipe is frozen, leave your tap open slighty to allow water to flow. Water movement can help prevent your pipes from freezing. If leaving the tap on is not an option for you and your home, you’ll want to cut off your main water valve and contact a plumbing professional for immediate assistance.

Water Line Leak or Break

During the colder months, it’s extremely important to remember to unplug your garden hoses. Surprisingly, a frozen garden hose can lead to severage damage to your home. When a garden hose is left connected following a freeze, the ice within the hose will gradually build up pressure inside your home’s water lines, eventually causing a leak or break.

Ensure that your garden hoses are drained and disconnected prior to the colder temperatures heading to the Upstate. For extra protection, installation of a faucet jacket around your outdoor faucts is recommended to shield against the freezing winter temperatures.

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If you’re having repeated issues with your home’s plumbing system, Corley is the company to call. Our friendly, experienced professionals would be happy to come out and take a look at the problem, walking you through your options and letting you know upfront what kind of costs you would be looking at, whether it’s for repair or outright replacement.

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