HVAC Sanitizing & UV Purification in Greenville, South Carolina

Vast quantities of conditioned air flow through your ventilation system every year. This air contains every airborne thing picked up in your house. Dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and mold spores are all floating around in your ductwork. Over time, dust builds up in ducts and on filters, and the living organisms form colonies on these blockages. These colonies reproduce and spread spores throughout the house using the ventilation system.

That’s why in addition to annual duct cleaning, we recommend HVAC air sanitizing services and installing UV light purification filtration systems in your Greenville, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. Sanitization, light purification, and dust filtration will all dramatically help those with allergies, compromised immune systems, and asthma. If you’re ready for your home to have clean, healthy air, contact the professionals at Corley Pro today.

Who Might Need Heating & Cooling Equipment Sanitization?

You’d most likely need sanitizing services if someone in your household has common respiratory problems like asthma or seasonal allergies. The symptoms of these issues create extreme discomfort, with heavy sneezing, running noses, blocked air passages, itchy eyes and nasal passages, and difficulty sleeping. These can be alleviated by eliminating high levels of contaminants from the air.  

Sanitization is crucial for those with compromised immune systems. Sanitizing your home’s heating and air conditioning equipment is relatively simple. It can be performed as part of regular duct sanitizing, dryer vent cleaning, or routine HVAC tune-ups completed in the fall and spring. 

Corley Pro recommends that HVAC equipment sanitization be done once annually in Greenville, about the same time your air conditioner coils get cleaned.

How UV Germicidal Lights Work

The sun produces UV light, or Ultraviolet light, a naturally occurring light wavelength. When you go outside, you are bombarded with these UV rays, and if you are exposed to them for too long without protection, you get sunburned. UV light is less stable than light we can easily see and often causes damage to both living and inorganic materials. It causes cell damage, and with time it burns your skin. 

The effect happens much more quickly for single-cell organisms like bacteria or viruses, with nearly instant cell destruction. This makes UV light very effective for killing microbial pathogens in your ductwork. 

UV Germicidal Light Installation

UV Lights are generally installed in one or two main locations. The first is the air conditioning unit’s condenser coils. These coils hold refrigerant and pull humidity out of the air. This moist area is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. 

The second area is in your supply vents, in the ductwork of your central HVAC system. UV lights here sanitize the air before it gets circulated throughout the home. The small apparatus is installed and kills bacteria and viruses as they pass. The UV light has been tested to find the right wavelength to be effective against microscopic bacteria and viruses, especially when concentrated in a confined space. 

The UV system needs to be accessible for maintenance, so it is usually placed in a junction that is easy to get to in the future. Because it’s usually located near the air handler, there is usually room to install it. 

If you are tired of having microbial bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and mold spores floating around in your home, using your central air system has a highway, call Corley today. One of our indoor air quality experts will discuss your options and set up a UV light installation in your Greenville, South Carolina home.

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