Leak Detection and Repair Services in Greenville and Upstate South Carolina

Most of the major plumbing components in your home are hidden behind walls, beneath the floor, or in basements. As a result, it’s not uncommon for leaks to go undetected, potentially resulting in extensive damage.

Our team of highly trained plumbers offer exceptional water leak repair and detection services for homes in areas of South Carolina such as Greenville, Simpsonville, Anderson, Easley, Spartanburg, and Mauldin. Give our professionals a call at (864) 256-0643 to receive support with a leak in your house.

Signs of a Plumbing Leak

No matter the size, a leak needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Over time, even a small leak can lead to significant damage if it goes unnoticed.

It’s important to know the warning signs of a leak so that you are able to take the necessary action. Our reputable leak detection team in Greenville, SC recommends looking out for the following:

  • Elevated water bill without a change in your usage
  • Mold and mildew on a non-shower wall
  • A musty odor that persists even after cleaning
  • Water stains, warping, bubbling, or sagging on your walls, floors, or ceilings

One at-home test to determine if you have a leak is to shut off the main water supply valve and look at the water meter. If it’s continuing to run, that means you have a leak and need to call in an expert to pinpoint the location right away.

If you ignore these warning signs and let a leak go unnoticed, you run the risk of causing significant damage to your home’s structure as well as causing health issues for you and your loved ones. Don’t wait and call Corley Pro to learn more about our leak detection and repair services in Greenville today.

Water Leak Repair and Detection Services in Greenville, SC

Types of Plumbing Leaks

Your plumbing system contains many different parts, which means that leaks can come in all different forms. The most common types of leaks we see are:

  • Fixture leaks, including sinks and faucets
  • Pipe and drain leaks
  • Appliance leaks, including dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater

Each type presents unique challenges and potential consequences. The best way to tackle any of these is with the help of Corley Pro.

Leak Detection Services

There’s more to it than just identifying that you have a leak in your plumbing system. You also need to identify where it is in order to properly get it repaired. Whether behind your kitchen sink or a slab leak, it often requires professional equipment and knowledge to determine where the issue is.

Corley Pro is here to help with our reliable leak detection services in Greenville and the surrounding area.

Our plumbers have the experience and state-of-the-art tools to locate the source of your leak quickly. Once we’ve determined the location, we will assess the situation to offer solutions on how to best resolve the issue

Water Leak Repair and Detection Services in Greenville, SC

Leak Repair Services

Once the source of the leak is identified, it’s time to get it fixed. Our goal is always to complete any necessary repairs efficiently with minimal disruption to your life.

Our team of emergency plumbers offer extensive water leak repair services in Greenville, SC and have the experience necessary to repair any kind of leak, including:

Let us be your go-to for leak detection and repair services in Greenville and upstate South Carolina. Get in touch with us today at (864) 256-0643, or schedule an appointment online.

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