Pump Repairs

Industrial Pump Failures – Fixed Fast.

Has your commercial or industrial pump failed? Corley’s licensed, reliable plumbers can be on site for the repair in hours. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may be able to repair your existing pump, getting it back in service quickly.

When you call Corley Plumbing Air Electric for your commercial or industrial pump repair, we will come out to your work site to perform an equipment evaluation. Our licensed professional plumbing techs will inspect and test your pump to discover where the problem lies. When we’ve completed the evaluation, we’ll determine the best way to get it fixed and provide you with recommendations and a free, reputable quote for pump repairs.

We will either perform repairs on-site or in our shop, depending on whether pumps are removable from the site and the extent of repairs which are required. Corley Plumbing Air Electric offers a commercial preventive maintenance program, which can help monitor your pump. When your equipment is kept in good working order and problems can be identified early, you can keep your commercial building’s pump working dependably, and thus minimize downtime. In cases where the failed pump can’t be returned to serviceable condition, Corley Plumbing has a full line of replacement pumps available in-stock, on-truck.

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