Lighting Repair and Installation Services in Greenville and Upstate South Carolina

The perfect lighting can create the ultimate mood for a room. Whether you want to create an inviting ambiance within your home, transform an outdoor area, or make your property less tempting to prospective intruders, assistance from the expert electricians at Corley will help translate your lighting aspirations into the real world.

Our team of skilled local electricians offers reputable lighting repair and installation services for homes in areas of South Carolina such as Greenville, Easley, Spartanburg, Mauldin, Greer, Boiling Springs, and Simpsonville. From recessed lights, chandeliers, track lighting fixtures, to landscape lighting, our staff is available to support you. Give our electricians a call at (864) 517-1251 or contact us online to book an appointment.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Services for Homes

Indoor Lighting Services

The indoor lighting in your home establishes the vibe. One simple way to give your house a facelift and increase its value is to update or renovate the interior lighting. However, you should exercise caution while attempting to perform installations or repairs on your own whenever you are working with electrical wire.

Our team of indoor lighting specialists can install and fix a variety of lighting furnishings, including chandeliers, recessed lighting, track lighting, and ceiling fan light fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting Services

Well-placed outdoor lighting can significantly enhance your landscape, creating an attractive patio, increased visibility, and a brighter, more inviting environment. However, external electrical systems can be complex and require professional knowledge. Our outdoor lighting team can assist with path illumination, deck lights, security lights, and LED landscape lighting for fountains.

Lighting Repair and Installation Services in Greenville, South Carolina

Indoor Lighting Options for Your House

House lighting can be achieved through various methods, including integrated architectural solutions and ornamental lamps. Most fixtures are adaptable and can be used in various ways, with some being associated with a specific layer of lighting, such as ambient, task, or accent. These fixtures can be set up on a table and connected to the nearest outlet.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is installed above the ceiling with a flush-ceiling opening and directs a narrow band of light in one direction. Recessed lights require insulation to prevent condensation from seeping. It needs at least 6 inches of space above the ceiling and can be used for ambient, job, or accent lighting.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is mounted or hung from the ceiling. It is a linear housing with movable heads that can be changed in direction and is commonly used for task or accent lighting. Our team of qualified electricians offer track lighting installation services for customers in Spartanburg, South Carolina and will help you choose a new fixture for your kitchen, office, or bedroom.

Under–Cabinet Lights

Under-cabinet lights which are mounted beneath kitchen cabinets, come in linear or single puck-shaped fixtures. Under–cabinet lighting is a very common choice for kitchens.


Pendant lamps hang from the ceiling and shine downward, usually above a kitchen island or table. A pendant can improve the aesthetic design of a room and is mainly used for job or ambient lighting.


Hanging from the ceiling, chandeliers shine their light upward, usually over a table. They cast ambient light and can improve a room’s aesthetic design.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights, which have been a common sight in houses for almost a century, are fixtures with lightbulbs hidden under a glass or plastic shade, providing all ambient light in an area.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are mounted on the surface of a wall with covers or shades. They provide style and can direct light upwards or downwards, offering task or ambient lighting.

Lighting Repair and Installation Services in Greenville, South Carolina

Outdoor Lighting Options

Outdoor lights are designed for nighttime illumination in outdoor spaces, providing security and enabling safe movement. They can also deter trespassers.

When choosing outdoor lighting, consider features like weather resistance, as they must withstand sun and light rain exposure. It’s crucial to choose fixtures that can withstand exposure to the sun and light rain, ensuring proper performance and safety.


Floodlights are great for controlling lighting in outdoor areas. They have a 120 degree maximum beam width, making them ideal for security purposes. They can be directed to areas where people are most likely to pass by and enhance security by triggering motion sensor lights.


Spotlights and floodlights are similar, but spotlights have a narrower beam. They create specific moods, while floodlights are ideal for larger spaces. They can highlight outdoor elements like garden water features and structural landscape pieces, as well as create plant silhouettes or shadows.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can include in-ground lights, wall lights, landscape spotlights, and LED bollard lights. It enhances the appearance of structures like houses, buildings, plants, and gardens.

Our professionals provide extensive landscape lighting installation services for homes in Simpsonville, South Carolina and will work with you to improve the appearance of your backyard.

Recessed landscape lighting can be used to illuminate walkways, reducing accidents, while spotlights can highlight trees and vegetation as well as prevent trips and falls.

In–Ground Lights

In–ground lighting creates a dramatic effect in outdoor spaces, especially driveways, stairs, and walkways. It produces enigmatic shadows and lovely silhouettes. To minimize maintenance, use LED lights and ensure proper installation to avoid future issues. Be sure to use LED lights for optimal outdoor lighting.

Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights can be used on any level surface, including trees, porches, and columns. Our certified electricians offer dependable outdoor lighting installation services for households in Greenville, South Carolina and will help you light up walkways, paths, roads, stairways, covered porches, and decks.

Post Lights

Post lights, both tall and short, are essential components of security lighting. Tall poles provide adequate illumination without being overly bright, making them ideal for driveways. Bollard lights, or shorter post lights, can be used on pathways.

Path Lighting

Path lights, also known as bollard lights or in-ground lights, provide illumination to busy areas, including automobiles and people. They follow the path and help delineate boundaries, particularly with bollard lights, which help define the line between the path and surrounding area.

Lighting Repair and Installation Services in Greenville, South Carolina

Lighting Installation and Repair Services in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Other Areas

The team of trained electricians at Corley offer trustworthy lighting repair and installation services for homeowners in areas of South Carolina, including Spartanburg, Five Forks, Piedmont, Greenville, Anderson, and Greer. We offer you the most dependable and reasonably priced indoor and outdoor lighting services, from initial design and installation to updates and repairs.

Our professionals also offer other types of electrical services including electrical panel repair and wiring installation. Whether you need new light fixtures or help fixing dangerous wiring on your property, our staff is available to help. Contact us by phone at (864) 517-1251 , or make an online appointment right now.


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