Water Tempering

Keep Your Water Temperature Safe – Water Tempering
Corley Plumbing Air Electric can install, maintain and repair your commercial or industrial building’s water tempering valves, ensuring the safety of your own maintenance staff.

We have a large selection of quality water tempering valves for any commercial application.
Our licensed plumbers are trained to select the right valve for the job and install it correctly, the first time.

Accidental scalding can be a hazard in any building, including commercial and industrial facilities. Because of this danger, many local and state plumbing codes are designed to protect consumers by requiring water tempering valves, also known as thermostatic mixing valves, to be installed to help regulate the water temperature coming from the water heater. In a single-family residential application, the solution is simply turning down the thermostat on the water heater, however, large multi-use buildings need a more effective solution.

Determining the correct water tempering valves for large commercial applications with high water demands or widely varying water use can be very complicated. Installation of a water tempering valve for large commercial or industrial facilities is helped by turnkey solutions. These include high-capacity manifold systems designed specifically for high-demand applications. Our experienced, professional plumbing technicians are familiar with all the different use applications, and can quickly determine the correct water tempering valve for your commercial building’s needs.

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