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Air filtration systems are becoming more and more popular these days. They make the air cleaner and healthier to breathe, filter out allergens, and reduce allergy symptoms. Whole-home air filtration systems are the most effective way to improve air quality in your home. They actively remove large and small contaminants from your indoor air to clean your air for healthier, allergen-free air. 

Most central air systems have a simplistic filtration system designed to keep dust out of the air handler rather than clean your air. If you are ready to have a new air filtration system installed in Greenville, South Carolina, as well as the Upstate area, call Corley Pro today. Our indoor air quality professionals will test your air quality and recommend the perfect filtration system to keep your family healthy.

How Air Filtration Systems Work

There are quite a few different types of air filtration systems. Your air handler has a default air filter to remove larger particles. These stock filters usually aren’t very efficient at extracting smaller particles. 

A quality air filter is made of mesh of strands of fiberglass that prevent larger particles from passing through them. These strands attract and stop dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, construction debris, and other air contaminants. The filter needs to be cleaned or changed regularly to prevent it from being congested so it can do its job.

What Kind of Air Filter Should I Get for My Home?

There is a wide variety of air filtration systems on the market with different levels of effectiveness and features for different needs. A filter rating system called MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) measures how well a filter traps particulate matter.

The MERV rating is important, but it doesn’t mean you should automatically pick the model with the highest rating. Those filters will strain your air system more because they choke off airflow through the vents. 

A professional indoor air quality expert should evaluate your needs and home to determine the best filter, or set of filters, to provide you with the clean indoor air you want. 

If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, we recommend installing an efficient air filter system in Greenville and the rest of Upstate South Carolina

Air Cleaners

Mechanical media filters efficiently remove many contaminants, but electronic air cleaners charge the air and separate even smaller particles through ionization. These cleaners remove small particles more effectively than highly-rated MERV filters, and they are a good upgrade for homeowners worried about small allergens and other contaminants. 

Air Purifiers

An air purification system takes things to the next level by not only removing standard inert particles like dust, pollen, and dander but also eliminating living pollutants like mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. These living pollutants build up on filters and then get distributed throughout the house. Air purifiers keep your filter and air clean. 

Air purification systems are installed at your air handler. They don’t cost much to operate, and if correctly installed, do not slow down your airflow from your air conditioner or furnace. Whole-home purification systems are easy to install in any house with a central air system and are a perfect fit for any home struggling with indoor air quality issues. 

If you have indoor air quality issues in Greenville, South Carolina, and are ready to take steps to fix them, call Corley. Our trained technicians can visit your home, give you professional recommendations, and install an air purification system to ensure your home is full of clean, healthy air.

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