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Have you ever wondered about the contents of your family’s drinking water? Although public water systems are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency to adhere to particular safety guidelines, installing a water filtration system can provide even higher-quality water for your household. This is particularly crucial for those with private groundwater wells, as they bear the responsibility for their water’s safety. 

Purify your water with help from the team at Corley. Our team of qualified plumbers offer reliable whole-house water filtration system installation services for local residents in areas of South Carolina such as Greenville, Anderson, Five Forks, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Greer, and Mauldin. We are a trusted water treatment and plumbing company serving clients in your neighborhood.

We will make sure that your water is safe for your family. Get in touch with Corley now to schedule an appointment for water filtration services. 

Water Filtration Services

Count on the skilled professionals at Corley Plumbing Air Electric to assist you in discovering a water filtration system tailored to your requirements. Our experts utilize advanced Kinetico home water systems to address hard water, pH levels, and contaminants. We’ll attentively address your water quality concerns, consider your financial plan, and identify a suitable solution. 

Greenville, SC Water Filtration System Installation Services

Signs You Need Water Filtration

Not sure if investing in a water filtration system is worth it? You may need water filtration services if: 

  • You don’t like how your water tastes 
  • Your hair is dry or brittle 
  • Your notice soap scum buildup 
  • Your water is cloudy 

Hard water can potentially reduce the lifespan of certain appliances, underscoring the importance of promptly addressing water quality concerns. Our team is ready to assist you in determining the most suitable water filtration system for your needs. 


Investing in a water filtration system requires a commitment to high-quality equipment. At Corley Plumbing Air Electric, we specialize in the installation of two leading brands: Kinetico Water Filtration & Softeners. Kinetico’s premium systems are equipped to detect minerals like iron that can harm your plumbing while ensuring the safety of your drinking water.  

To learn more about Kinetico, book online now! 

PH & Iron Testing For Your Greenville, SC Home’s Water

The pH level of your water plays a crucial role in its quality. Water with a low pH is acidic and can corrode metal, including your plumbing pipes, potentially contaminating your drinking water. Conversely, high-pH water, known as hard water, often has an unpleasant taste, causes limescale buildup in pipes, and can be harsh on your hair and skin. 

 At Corley Plumbing Air Electric, we offer professional pH and iron testing services for your Greenville, SC, residence. If you’re dealing with acidic or hard water, we have the expertise to install an appropriate water filtration system or water softener to resolve the issue. 

Greenville, SC Water Filtration System Installation Services

Signs Your Water Has High Iron Content

There are a few telltale signs that your water has a high iron content. Look out for the following issues: 

  • Discolored water 
  • Metallic-tasting water 
  • Orange or rust-colored rings around your sink or bathtub 
  • Brown or yellow stains on clothes or dishes 
  • Water that smells bad 

If you notice these signs, book online now! We’ll set up iron testing services for your water and give you recommendations for water filtration systems. 

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